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Brewmaster K


Jungle explorer Koen isn’t afraid to stare adventure in the eye, although he wades cautiously through the shallow waters, aware of the many dangers that lay in the troubled pool that is entrepreneurship. His innate dexterity is of great help when ploughing through the dangerous carnivorous excise liana. In the beginning of the Verzet-expedition, Koen took on the lion’s share of the brewing. He tinkers daily with the existing recipes and comes up with ideas for new experiments. One might recognize him by his hat, that is – as they say – a help in keeping his head cool when faced with difficult situations. He is the one who is always able to calm down his fellow explorers in order to come up with the solution.

It is, then, no surprise that Koen is also responsible for the planning, so that the crew doesn’t get lost in the jungle of to do’s. He makes sure that the team can swiftly pass through the dense forest and stop for a sip at a well, without getting behind on the expedition. 


Brewmaster A


One can recognize Ranger Alex by the shorts he wears at every occasion, all year round. You can consider this an outing of his rebellion against protocol and uniformity. He tries to apply everyday encounters to the brewery. This boundless creativity is reflected in witty names for new brews, original recipes or cool events.

Alex is also known as the Claudia Cipher of the brewery. Armed with only his machete and willpower, he finds our company a way through the financial bushes.
He never does anything half-heartedly. He always puts his heart and soul into well-thought-out actions while maintaining his never-dying thirst for adventure. Our ranger is always keen to go on expeditions to find new and more efficient ways to a strong product without any loss of quality. 


Grandmaster Flask


Explorer Jens has two main tasks: to maintain existing drinking places and to scout out and conquer new areas. Jens has phenomenal verbal skills that never fail to convince prospects to partake in our journey. Jens shares his passion for the hop juice with his co-explorers.

He completes his tasks with devotion and flexibility. Another one of Jens’ talents is the ability to bat-wise “feel” his way through the darkest nights. It’s as if he only really livens up after the sun has set.

As dark as the night, are the sometimes heavy metal sounds he produces on his guitar to release from the stress that comes with his daring journeys. 


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A guided tour of the brewery costs € 12. Three samples of your choice included. 

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